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Grace N Goldens

Puppies with a Purpose

Welcome To Grace N Goldens!

Our golden retrievers are family loving and family tested. They make the purr-fect pets

About Me

We live in Van Alstyne Texas just north of Dallas. We moved out of the city and into the country so that Marlo could be closer to her horse and parents. We wanted to raise our children in a country environment where every boy can play in the mud, ride four wheelers and have bonfires with friends.  The occasional paint ball war has happened as well.   
While raising our two sons, who were always on the go with multiple sports year round, the hope that a common bond of Marlo’s love affair with horses didn’t pan out. But, along the way we did find a common ground with dogs.  Chance and Marlo went to pick out our first Golden Retriever.

This little red  girl in the middle of all the blonde beautiful fluff of her sisters and brothers not only drew our eye but our hearts.  
Cheyanne came home to us and started our love affair. She went to baseball games, practices and then to Football practice. She made going to the dog park an adventure. 

Owners: Marlo & Claudie Grayson
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Marlo Grayson

Once the boys moved on we found ourselves with a lot more time on our hands and found things to do with our dogs.  We discovered to successfully breed consistent puppies of quality we needed to devote some time first to health clearances. We did all the OFA-required testing for Hips, Elbows, Eyes, and Hearts.  We joined the National Breed Club- Golden Retriever Club of America. We are active members in good standing with GRCA, DFWMGRC, AND NSGRC. We believe in doing all we can with our dogs to provide both mental and physical health. We started showing in conformation and continue to learn more and more daily. We also started trying other sports such as Dock Diving, Fast CAT(yes for dogs), and Lure Coursing.  


It is a joy to be able to produce great dogs that love doing a variety of things with you. Thank you for coming to

Elle has several titles in these and more activities and we have had a blast with them. 

Mercy has really introduced us to a great show family. (pictured below)

About Us
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