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Facts About Golden Retrievers!

1. Golden Retrievers are consistently rank among the top 3 most popular dogs in the U.S.
Goldens are among the most popular dogs in the U.S. due to their sociable nature, love of people, loyalty and train-ability.

2. Goldens make great family dogs.
They love hanging out with the people who make up their “family.” A Golden is typically very tolerant of children and tend to get along well with other family pets—cats included! Add an obedient and fiercely loyal nature along with patience and a fun-loving spirit, and you’ll see why Goldens make ideal family pets.

3. They are excellent hunting companions.
Golden Retrievers were first developed to retrieve fowl for hunters at the Scottish estate of Sir Dudley Majoribanks, later to be known as Lord Tweedmouth. Tweedmouth’s goal was to develop a breed with an outstanding sense of smell that would be more attentive to its hunting companions than either the setters of spaniels commonly being used at that time. He also wanted a dog that would be loyal and friendly at home. Thank you, Lord Tweedmouth!

4. Goldens are simply Beautiful!
Combine a statuesque build with a lustrous coat in all shades of gold, a well-groomed Golden is a sight to behold. Remember, their beautiful coat's requires a good daily brushing and at least a once-monthly to look its best.

5. They are natural athletes.
Many of the same features that make Goldens such desirable hunting dogs also make them naturally athletic. Their broad heads, powerful necks, and muscular bodies make them extremely strong and highly energetic. They also have stamina to spare. Goldens love to chase and catch—and they are mighty good at it. But all this athleticism means Golden Retrievers need exercise—and lots of it—on a daily basis.

6. They have a long life span.
With a life span of 12-14 years, Goldens are companions that will be around for you to love for many years.

7. Goldens love to swim.
Most Golden retrievers love the water and thoroughly enjoy playing water games. Combined with their natural athleticism, this makes Goldens a favorite on the dock jumping circuit. They’re always up for a good game of water Frisbee or catch with a tennis ball or other toys.

8. They are easy to train.
So easy, in fact, that they are a popular choice for movies and TV shows. Need more proof that they’re highly trainable?The first three dogs ever to win the AKC obedience championship were Golden Retrievers, which are ranked 4th by Stanley Coren in his book, The Intelligence of Dogs.

9. They make great therapy and service dogs.
Partly because they are so highly trainable, Golden Retrievers are excellent choices for therapy or canine assistance. Service dogs must be trained to perform important tasks for people with physical or mental disabilities. Goldens are used as guide dogs, hearing dogs, medical alert dogs and much more.

10. They make outstanding search and rescue dogs.
Thanks to their intelligence and their sharp sense of smell, Golden Retrievers excel in search and rescue operations and as therapy or guide dogs. Their hardworking, attentive natures help, as Goldens can maintain their focus and follow their noses wherever they lead.

From trainability to loyalty, athleticism to sheer beauty, the Golden Retriever is one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world.

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